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Safety evaluation of Shengli Gas Station in Huiting Town, Xiayi County

2023-09-11 Second view Category: Information disclosure

Summary of the report has been completed

Project name

Xiayi County Huiting town victory gas stationSafety status evaluation

Industry category

Petroleum processing industry, chemical raw materials, chemicals and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Evaluation type


Project address

Xiayi County Huiting town ten li shop village

Project profile

Xiayi County Huiting town victory gas stationBe established in201514Day, the site is locatedXiayi County Huiting town ten li shop villageInvestor:Zhang Shengli。Existing employees4Among them, webmaster1人,Security administrator1。The gas station mainly deals with ethanol gasoline and diesel oil, and the operation mode is retail。

The gas station covers an area1500m2There are underground oil tanks in the station4座(2Capacity are all15m3Ethanol gasoline storage tanks and2Seat capacity is15m3The diesel oil storage tank),2A single gun and2Double gunSelf-priming tanker。根据GB 50156-2021According to the Technical Standards for Automobile refueling and gas filling stations, the total volume of the gas station is15×2+15×2/2=45m3The gas station is a Grade 3 gas station。


Yu 'an review2023090065

Project contract

Time of signing


Name of evaluation agency

Henan Yuguan safety development Co., LTD

Qualification certificate number


Project leader

Zhang Yuling

Professional qualification certificate number


Project team member





Xu Keyan


Feng Chunchun


Liu Qingwei


Technical director

Ai Xiaodong

Process controller


Report writer

Zhang Yuling, Guo Huan, Feng Chunchun

Report reviewer

Wu Hongzeng

Go to the site for evaluation

Active personnel

Liu Qingwei, Feng Chunchun, Zhang Yuling

Go to the site for evaluation



Xiayi County Huiting town victory gas stationThe current situation meets the safety requirements and has the conditions for safe operation。

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